Seamless: a platform to connect customers to tailors



Aug to Dec 2016




Competitive Analysis

Business Validation 

Service and Experience Design 


Seamless is an online platform that helps users connect with tailors that can create custom-made outfits. Seamless provides access to custom fit clothing at affordable prices.With Seamless, designers and tailors can showcase their talent and not worry about how to get orders or deliver finished products to customers. 

The Problem


Custom-fit clothing has become the symbol of luxury. However, Mass-produced clothing has its issues. Thus there is a need for a platform that brings together consumers seeking custom-fit clothing and skilled tailors. 

Bespoke For Everyday: There is a need for better fitting clothes but there is a lack of affordable tailoring services for everyday wear.

Scaling: There is no nationwide or scalable model/brand for bespoke tailoring.

Uniqueness: The need for unique clothing has increased as consumers want to create their own statements with their wardrobe. Garment-clashing and lack of personal touch on clothing is an issue faced by consumers.

Sustainability: Mass-produced clothes sold at cheap prices have introduced a trend of fast (disposable) fashion. This does not resonate with today’s environmentally conscious consumers who are looking for sustainable products created through ethical means. 

Online Community: Lack of an online community that connects fabric producers, tailors, and consumers. Connecting consumers and producers, and thereby creating a shared economy, would be beneficial. This will provide more control to the consumers and would take out the burden of fabric production and design from tailors.




Seamless has two core user groups - buyers and makers(tailors). The design needs to cater to both user groups. We created personas for each user group to understand their different needs. 


Experience Map


During the design process, we took a deep look at what our customers would experience from initial awareness of the service to post purchase experience. Thinking about every possible touchpoint was crucial to optimize the user journey. 


Early Design Work


Early designs: the design process began with mapping out the needs of the different user groups and using that to arrive at a concrete set of features. Here are some of the early whiteboard work and sketches.


The Design Solution


Seamless helps in bridging the customer needs and skilled tailors. For consumers, seamless will help you to find a tailor, help in designing your outfit and to deliver it to you. For Tailors, seamless will help you to find costumers, provide logistical support for the making and get paid for your work.


Key Screens to Highlight the Design

The Service Design