Presenting our work at CHI 2017, superb!

Jasmine & I presented our paper- "Rice Today, Roti Tomorrow: Diets and Diabetes in Urban Indian Households" at CHI 2017. (Oh Denver, you were quite enjoyable!)


It was really fun to see everyone's excitement around our co-presenting the paper. This being my first visit at CHI, it was wonderful to meet so many familiar names in person. CHI was all about sessions full of novel research in the morning but parties peppered the night. That was a fun discovery for me :D

Winning the MARTA hackathon was awesome!

Our team won first place at the MARTA Hackathon conducted in February. We had 24 hours to come up with a technology solution to improve MARTA ridership.


We tackled the First mile-Last mile problem: how do people get to and from public transport stations. Making this easier would make the rider's experience seamless and thus public transport more desirable. 

Our team(Last mile- no problem!) had 2 UX designers(including yours truly), 2 developers and a transportation expert. We collaborated effectively to deliver a high-quality prototype that was realistically implementable. 

As a UX researcher and designer I feel proud to say that our team's secret formula to success was the design process we followed- empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.

Yaay for UX!


Just won the GVU award! :D

It was great to win the GVU Distinguished Master's Student award. It would not have been possible without the immense and wonderful support of my advisor- Dr. Neha Kumar. Hats off to a year of good work, great teammates and wonderful mentors! 


This image featured on the GVU site is a good summary of my work. 

Image Credit: Joshua Preston,

Image Credit: Joshua Preston,

My WE16 conference

It was a great experience hosting a panel discussion at the WE16 conference this year. The discussion revolved on the experiences of international students in the states. I had an excellent set of panelists, who were all from different parts of the world, and from different areas of research and industry. It was amazing collaborating with these stellar women:

Our team wins 2 awards at the Ideas to Serve competition

Our project - Eating Right - was the runner-up of the Ideas to Serve Competition competition hosted by the Scheller College of BusinessWe were also conferred with the best poster award.

The project team- Tanisha Wagh, Me, Jasmine Hentschel and Rui Zhou beside our poster(which won the $500 best poster award).

The project team- Tanisha Wagh, Me, Jasmine Hentschel and Rui Zhou beside our poster(which won the $500 best poster award).

The project is in progress under the guidance of Dr. Neha Kumar at the Tandem lab. The total award of $2,500 is being used towards releasing Eating Right to its end users.

Eating Right is a mobile app targeted towards middle class diabetes-affected households in India. The idea is to find innovative, culturally appropriate ways of delivering diabetes-healthy recipes to the users. For more details visit the Eating Right section of my portfolio.