Eating Right: MoBile App for Diabetes in India


When  Jan to May 2016

My role  

UX Research, Ideation, Prototyping 


EatingRight was runner-up at the College of Business- Ideas to serve competition.

What Does this app do? 


The objective of the EatingRight app is to allow users to learn to cook diabetes-friendly food by watching step-by-step cooking shows.

It is a health app that addresses patient’s dietary experience for middle-class diabetic families in India. It allows users to search for culturally appropriate recipes presented as short video cooking shows. He or she can then cook according to the videos and also share their own recipes.

These shows will feature a cook, an endocrinologist, and a dietician. By watching them, users can study, experiment, and share their experiences in the EatingRight community. They can also upload their own recipes in the same video form. By informing, engaging, and entertaining users in a culturally relevant fashion, we are confident that not only users but also their families will be motivated and affected to live a healthier life by eating more healthily.


Who are the users?


We conducted preliminary user research and a competitive analysis of all the apps that existed in this space. Based on this we developed personas:

The User Personas

The Scenarios of use

For each persona we developed the unique scenarios of use to help understand the different ecosystem of user needs for this context.


Designing the app: the process

Early stage wireframes: used for initial user feedback

Further user research


Using the prototype as a design probe, I conducted interviews in India. Here are the recruitment survey and the interview questionnaire which was used for the study. 

Since we had a limited time to do as many interviews as possible, I had to get creative with the recruitment process. I used the friends and family approach to get the snowball sampling rolling. I also posted the recruitment survey on popular food groups on Facebook. Interestingly, this produced a lot of responses which converted into interviews.

The interviews were about 40mins to an hour, conducted at the participants' homes. In most of the interviews the participants included the diabetes patient as well the primary caregiver at home(usually the women). This helped understand the complex cultural and social factors that influence the dietary habits. 

The insights from that interview is currently driving the design of the app and has resulted in important changes to the product roadmap.

We have also written up a paper for CHI which has been accepted and will be presented at CHI 2017! 


EatingRight is runner-up at the Ideas to Serve Competition

Earlier in 2016, EatingRight was the winner of a $2000 award at Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business Ideas to Serve Competition. This funding has allowed us to carry forward the project in India. Additionally, it was an excellent platform to receive feedback from the judges and business professionals.