Hello and welcome to my portfolio! 


I'm Samyukta Sherugar, but I also go by Sam. :) 

I'm a master's student in HCI at Georgia TechI do UX Research and Design and I am on the lookout for full-time opportunities for May 2017

This summer (2016) I interned as a Research Assistant for Nielsen Norman Group

In the past I have worked on enterprise software for Oracle, India.

Qualitative, quantitative or guerrilla research methods, my goal is to find the best and most cost-effective way to get user feedback and leverage these for design. I enjoy taking these insights and going to the drawing board to sketch out ideas, build wireframes and finished designs. 

I am also interested in the field of ICTD(Information and Communication Technologies and Development) where I've learnt to push the barriers of research and design to work in limited resource contexts. I am also very excited about work in the social computing space to understand the behaviors of human beings in online communities. 

I do UX consulting for individuals and companies, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn.